Invest in your future

“The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”


-Robert Kiyosak

The importance of investments are often underestimated. Whether it is planning for retirement, saving for educational fees or making your money work for you… We all have specific financial needs and goals.

“A recent World Bank report called South Africans the biggest borrowers in the world. An estimated 86% of South Africans borrowed money in the year 2014-2015” according to Inge Lamprecht, Moneyweb 5 August 2015.

The ongoing development in Medical Technology increases the average life expectancy each year… can anything compare to a longer and healthier life? Although living longer does have a nice “ring” to it, the reality is that you will have to be able to support yourself with the money you are currently saving for your retirement.

Think about the following situation for a moment…

So, let’s say you have retired and you’re in a good financial position with a stable income plan, life is good. Due to the latest medical technology, you live longer than expected. Your retirement plan should support you for 20 years, but is later on extended to 30 years due to your increased age. Will your current retirement plan be able to support you for the extra 10 years?

Planning for your retirement is becoming more and more crucial every day. Make sure that your retirement is planned accurately!

When you have a financial goal, whether it is for your child’s education or personal welfare, Bsure Brokers offers multiplatform investment opportunities through numerous insurance and investment companies.

Allow us to lead the way to your financial goals