Contractors All Risk

Contractors All Risk or Erection All Risk insurance provide cover in respect of contracts – on a once off or annual declaration basis. From the inception of works, construction sites face an array of risks that can be costly and time consuming for the contractor, and all other parties involved.

We offer the correct cover for every specific project. Cover provided include all types of construction and civil engineering against fire, explosion, flood, rain storm, water, subsidence, landslip, accidental damage and theft.

We also provide Public Liability insurance, as a large part of a contractor’s risk is property damage, bodily injury or death of a third party, whilst carrying out work.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers the insured against the sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical breakdown of machinery. Cover commence upon completion of successful commissioning of the machinery on the premises.

Cover excludes maintenance cost and normal wear and tear. It is therefore a requirement from all insurers for all insured machinery to be in a sound working order and service/maintenance records be kept.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Electronic equipment insurance provide cover in respect of businesses making use of electronic equipment ranging from medical equipment, electronic measuring equipment, entire information technology structures and all electronics including programming used to run a plant or factory.

Plant All Risk Insurance

Plant All Risk covers the insured on an “all risk” basis for the loss and/or damage to the plant and/or equipment whilst being used on site, in transit or being stored.

Cover can be extended to include hired-in plant, continuing hire charges, public liability as a tool of trade and third party road risk Cover provided for plant owners, plant hirer and renting out.

Loss of Profits Insurance

Following the breakdown of machinery, most companies face their greatest risk; loss of revenue due to the decrease in production.

This could ultimately lead to the business being completely out of pocket should there not be protection in place. Cover provide for the loss of profits, loss of revenue and/or increased cost of working arising out of a loss/damage to machinery.

Cover should pertain only to key assets considered essential to the continuation of production or business operations.

Deterioration of Stock

Cover provided under the deterioration of stock policy, provides piece of mind to businesses against their stock or produce that deteriorated as a result of the breakdown of machinery.

Cover may also be extended to include loss of profits following the deterioration of stock, ensuring that our clients do not suffer financially after a loss.