Business Insurance

Insurance is not that important… until you have a claim that threatens your business’ existence, then it might take priority above everything! Making sure that your business is insured properly should be one of the pillars of every business.

The Insurance Company you are insured with

Insuring with the right insurance company is crucial, their internal rules and procedures, long-term and short-term goals and overall culture and climate determines how they process any claim arising from clients. In every industry you have reliable and unreliable companies, Bsure has a strict screening process to ensure that our clients are only placed with the best!

financial advisor that develops your policy

Every business has different needs, even if it is in the same industry. The core of your business insurance starts with your advisor. If your advisor does not have the skills, experience and knowledge, your policy cannot possibly cover your business comprehensively meaning that you are at risk of suffering a loss! Tailor-made insurance requires a specialist, contact Bsure to make sure that your business is covered comprehensively!

Claims Processing

Claims does not always have to be a constant struggle. Bsure has developed a unique claims process that ensures effective processing of claims. You only know that you are insured with the right company once you have claimed, as they say, the proof is in the pudding!